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Pipe Fittings , Pipe - Pinnect

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Pipe Fittings , Pipe - Pinnect

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an integrated aluminum connector which can connect in the easiest way between one pipe and the other pipe. It is a circular pipe connection system which can assemble in the fastest thanks to advantage of lightweight aluminum and excellent workability.
It can assemble the complicated pipe structural shape in easier and more simple way. It is an innovative product with superior workability which gives the versatile usability and convenience to the industrial structure and household structures and very great compatible and can fix and assemble the pipe easily with one wrench bolt without nut using more than 12 different aluminum connectors which can connect the pipes.
This product can save lots of time and money in manufacturing various kinds of pipe structures such as work table, deck truck and sliding rack which are essential to factory automation system, handrail pole, safety bar, divider and storage rack which are fabricated structures, interior cabinet, display rack, table, hanger, pipe rack, partition, showcase, cabinet, outdoor fence, exhibition structure, etc. It can also substitute the welding which is hard and inconvenient to work and reflects more simple and beautiful design in the appearance by continuously developing the connectors which are easier to all structures using circular pipe and adding the color coating on aluminum pipe and steel pipe.

Circular pipe, a frame part has two types-steel pipe and aluminum pipe, which can be used for ordinary and industrial purpose in various ways.

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